PH POV: 10 Things I Learned from Anime Expo 2015

Why am I not even surprised? I mean.. I’m more aware about how international cons go than my own country’s. BTW, thanks for the blog, author! ^_^

Chocolato Anna

Hello Captain Sparrow Hello Captain Sparrow

I am a frequent con-goer.

I may not go to every single convention there is in the Philippines, but you bet your sweet ass that I have been to enough to really know and understand how the convention scene works. So when I learned that I would be able to go to the biggest anime convention in North America, I was incredibly excited to see how different the experience would be from our own conventions.

Being the non-existent girl scout that I was, I did a lot of research on how the conventions were, what kinds of people would I meet, how long were the lines, and of course, where the hell would the place be located. Then I bought my tickets about a week before the event, prepared my costumes, and went on my way.

Needless to say, whatever preparation I made was irrelevant because I was…

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Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)


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