Cursed Child of Ren’ai_Chapter6

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True Destined: Farewell


            Blood covered the whole shrine. Merai had been fighting Waraku and she would never stop until she avenged the nonsense deaths of her people. Her body received not yet enough cuts and bleedings for her to surrender and give up.

Merai and her scythe
Merai and her scythe

“Even with that beautiful face of yours now, your foul and filthy nature still surpasses!” Merai scowled after taking a slash from Waraku on her right arm, weakening her attacks.

Waraku was also skilled in fighting. She is determined to kill Merai because of the godly beauty her rival and mortal enemy possesses. Using her ability to manipulate emotions, she turned all painful feelings she gathered around the world to an extensive suffering and manifested it all over Merai’s body. The heroine crouched with severe pain, screaming out it all. Waraku’s attack made Merai feel so much pain inside her heart, her mind, her entire body.

Merai feeling the Pain from Waraku
Merai feeling the Pain from Waraku

This caused Merai to lose grip of her sword and kneel on the ground. Her eyes also shed tears of blood as she tried to resist the pain and draw her scythe that lies on a sling on her back. She managed to hold its grip but feeling all those pain kept her from drawing it. Waraku laughed coldly and evily seeing her mortal rival suffer to the extent.

The pain caused Merai to berserk gradually without Waraku noticing it. As Merai was screaming and suffering from pain, Kramleon had already managed to resurrect himself and fought Waraku to help Merai with her goal and end her pain. It was also a real fight between Kramleon and Waraku until the guy found his time to slay the monster using Morgif. Waraku then disappeared to thin air.

Kramleon quickly attended to the suffering and screaming from pain Merai. But unfortunately, the young lady had already split personalities. She did calm down but was looking down. Kramleon felt that he was late yet he still continued trying to bring Merai to her normal senses.

“Merai? Can you hear me? Listen to me. It’s I, Kramleon. Do you recognize me? Please, calm down. Try to help yourself sedate. Waraku is dead. Ren’ai will no longer suffer. You and I.. we will both protect our village no matter what. Eunna even said that she had never forsaken us. And Merai.. Please do listen to this. Though people try to hurt you with their heartless words and judging eyes that you may feel darkness enveloping you, I’m always here to be your light. Merai..“ Kramleon embraced Merai tenderly.

“..You had taken a part of my heart..”

Upon hearing those words, Merai, who’s still looking down, suddenly chuckled and lifted her head.

Kramleon’s eyes widen in a slight horror. Merai’s eyes had turned to the very same eyes he saw few years ago when they were young. Her eyes were cold and emotionless. It was so frightening to see those killer eyes that close.

As she draws her double- bladed scythe leaving Kramleon still stunned on his position, Merai spoke in a cold and heartless way with her evil smirk, “I had taken a part of your heart?” She laughed pitilessly. “I believe you won’t mind if I take your soul as well!”

Blood sliced through the blue moon’s light. Kramleon’s head with the eyes still open rolled beside Merai as the body fell, adding more blood on the shrine’s holy floors. Merai laughed upon seeing this. But it hasn’t still satisfied her bloodlust. She strolled round the shrine premises, dragging her scythe with her. That murderer’s expression remained on her face. She killed everyone who she found on the shrine as she laughed evily and heartlessly, reaping all their souls.

Merai’s split personality had already taken over her so much that no one could ever stop her, even her real self inside her. This heartless split personality could no longer even recognize anybody around the shrine. All it wanted was blood.

When she found no one inside the shrine was left alive, she decided to set foot on the village. She was sure she would reap more souls there. As she stepped her way to the village, the blue moon showed her an image of a woman. She smirked as she approached the woman she saw.


Merai screamed with her cold chuckle then a mirror that had just been broken was heard as her own blood splattered to its shards.

It was late when Ren’ai people learned about the shrine incident. They were all dumbfounded. Seeing blood all over Goddess Eunna’s holy shrine made them realize that their village was in a real serious curse. They hated Merai once again. There is no one that could do such a heartless crime but her.

Yet, upon seeing Merai’s cold head detached from her body with her scythe lying beside it and some shards of mirror, they felt pity for her. She had become one of the victims of Ulrikey’s mirror. That mirror of their late Oracle gives the same treatment to whatever was done to any image reflected on it. Merai did saw this mirror and thought that her reflection was another being. Realizing all these, the people felt worse about themselves for their drastic fates.

Ren’ai people thought to end their nonsense living. All the gods and goddesses seemed to have abandoned them. But in the midst of their self- pity, Eunna appeared to them once again. Seeing their goddess made them feel like alive again.

In that moment, Eunna explained to the poor beings everything including her challenge to them and the shrine incident. Her words were believed by the people at once. In her statement, she implied that it wasn’t Merai’s will to live a life that way and the poor girl only wanted to be accepted as how she was by the people she considered as her family.

Merai and Kramleonnew gurdians of Ren'ai
Merai and Kramleon
new gurdians of Ren’ai

Finally, Eunna was able to convince them to move on and look forward to their future with love to each other just like how they were before. She also promised them to give them guardians  who are really kind and loving unlike the Mitrs were and had proven their love of Ren’ai and its people this time, Merai and Kramleon.


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Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)

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