Cursed Child of Ren’ai_Chapter4

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            The people, having nobody else to trust of their welfare, were all so overwhelmed thus they appointed Merai as their village’s new Chieftain. She didn’t reject the offer. It was a real chance for her.

With Merai leading them, Ren’ai went back to how it was years ago. The harvest became bounty again. There was satisfaction of living. Merai also know how to go along well with her people. She knew that kindness of her might suddenly flee so all of those times; she tried to gain their trust and acceptance. It was a merry haven once again in Ren’ai until news broke into the village. A monster, Merai’s mortal enemy Waraku, has been disturbing villages around them.

Hearing this, Merai decided to train her people so they could fight Waraku alongside her. But this decision required her to show them her deadly weapon, a double- bladed scythe.

The people of Ren’ai, upon seeing her scythe, remembered the cursed child they banished before. That child, who was sitting beside their priestess few years ago when the tragic massacre happened, was holding that very same scythe. It triggered the people’s anger to that child once again and so they confronted her, asking why she posses that weapon who caused death to a number of both Ren’ai folks and Mitrs. Merai was startled, but after a moment, she answered with bravery and honesty.

“I was that child. I am the child of your Priestess Jeinne and a Gray Mitr. I am who your Goddess Eunna had cursed. Yes, I was the reason why goddess Eunna abandoned Ren’ai and its people. I was the reason why you all killed Ulrikey.” Merai paused for a moment, holding her tears, and then she continued. “I returned to prove. ..”

Her speaking was stopped by some folks who started to throw stones to her. A stone hit her forehead, making it bleed. She covered herself using her arms as the people kept stoning her, urging her to leave, cursing her to die. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore until Kramleon, the guy who has been really kind to Merai ever since they were young; and the one who really know Merai’s whereabouts, blocked all the stones thrown at her. She lifted her face and saw Kramleon standing in front of her, covering her from the angry villagers.


Kramleon was the only boy who was brave enough to play with her in the shrine when they were young even he knew about how Merai could be so dangerous. He and Merai were in real good terms with each other. It was so painful for them to depart from each other when Ren’ai people banished Merai. But because of this and for protecting Merai who the villagers treat as plague on Ren’ai, Kramleon was punished and set into prison.

Since Ren’ai people didn’t want Merai with them again, she decided to traverse the most possible way that would cause her to cross paths with her mortal enemy Waraku. If that happens, she will be able to defeat Waraku away from Ren’ai, keeping the people’s safety. After that, she will return to Ren’ai bringing them Waraku’s corpse as evidence. But unfortunately, she failed with her calculations. Waraku had already reached Ren’ai.  It started reaping young and virgin souls, causing casualties to Ren’ai.

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Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)

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