Cursed Child of Ren’ai_Chapter3

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Love and Future

The deaths the cursed child bestowed made the Mitrs all contaminated with negative emotions from those of the innocent souls that were killed and from the hatreds of the family and friends of those who were killed. Thus, making the survivors hate her more and curse her more. This also caused to the transformation of all Mitrs’ color to black, triggering their natural evil side. This evolution gave birth to different kinds of monsters- may be weak monsters but great in number. Because of this, Ren’ai people banished the child from their place even though it took them to kill Ulrikey for she has been protecting the cursed child all along.

Unaware that Ulrikey’s death would bring more problems, Ren’ai people were surprised to fight with the Black Mitrs alone. The Mitrs had really turned to their worst that they slay everyone that went against their plans. Even the monsters they bore were ferocious as well.

For so many years, Ren’ai was turned from a merry vineyard to a haven of deaths. Throughout those years, the enchanted vineyard suffered from so much bloodshed and an unending battle. All that was heard was the monsters’ roars, the dying people’s cries and the Mitrs’ evil laughs.

When they were already losing hope and planning to surrender their lives to the monsters and the now black Mitrs, the howling ceased. The war seemed to have ended. But it wasn’t the people’s work. They were all also surprised that no trail of the Mitrs nor the monsters were found. Thinking that the Love Goddess Eunna had returned and forgiven them, they all hurried to her shrine to thank her for another chance and a renewed well fate.

the normal self of Merai
the normal self of Merai

There in the shrine, a young, really good- looking lady greeted them with a warm smile. She looked like the split image of their late Priestess Jeinne, but with the imp’s ears. She was also nearly like the white Mitrs in complexion. One of the folks took his guts and asked who she was.

“Merai.” the young lady said in no hesitation, scarcely moving near Eunna’s statue.

The people were overwhelmed to hear such a name. In their tongue, her name bears both “future” and “love”.

“I fought all the Mitrs. But unfortunately, my mortal enemy, Waraku, managed to escape. That flirt being is still lurking around villages now, taking souls of young and virgin beautiful women. Waraku uses the souls to turn herself to a beautiful and seductive woman, attracting every man and taking advantage of them. Most of the men Waraku had taken were heard no more. As far as my knowledge allows me, my mortal enemy uses her temporary beauty to lure and find a real man, good- looking and wise, to the grounds of its lord. With that, the lord will grant it anything it wishes and Waraku will sure wish for an eternal beauty.” Merai paused because the people started to murmur and complain about their safety. She took a deep breath before talking again.

“Don’t worry, the rest of the monsters were put on their demise as well with the Mitrs and Waraku had eloped to villages surely far from here.”

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Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)

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