Cursed Child of Ren’ai_Chapter 5

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            The people of Ren’ai knelt for help to Eunna’s shrine once again. It had been quite a while since they last did that. They used to mock Eunna for forsaking them. They even laughed at Merai when they saw her praying and offering, keeping her faith, to the goddess who abandoned Ren’ai. But they were hopeless. They need Eunna to hold their fates again.

After being discharged because Waraku was already disturbing Ren’ai, Kramleon decided to end the monster’s reign. He was actually pissed that Waraku is taking young and virgin souls and luring young men for his selfish reason. He also wants to help Merai. So in order to lessen the casualties, Kramleon used to sneak in the shrine where Waraku found its place, poisoning the monster. The poison sets Waraku to sleep for a while, lessening its unjust reaping. Even knowing his actions won’t result to a permanent peace, Kramleon kept on doing it. He may not have ended the monster’s life but he managed to lessen the number of innocent deaths in their village.

But Waraku was wise. It has the ability to decipher what is happening and so it knew about Kramleon’s business against him. It then devised a plan, capturing Kramleon. The guy may not be so good- looking but he possesses a great charm and quality that Waraku decided to sacrifice him. Kramleon accepted his doom though he was praying to Eunna for Merai to return and save their village. He, just like Merai, never lost faith to Eunna. He believes their beloved goddess has a kind heart that even all that had happened, she will never forsake Ren’ai.

Kramleon was sacrificed and doomed, and Waraku turned to a gorgeous young lady.

Merai returned at once from her journey upon knowing Waraku was able to bring death and fear to Ren’ai. She arrived late at the shrine, seeing Waraku transform to a beautiful maiden and Kramleon breathe his last. Angered for her people and for Kramleon, she drew her sword against Waraku at once, letting her scythe lie on its sling behind her. Her sword started to clash with her mortal enemy’s sword.

Merai with her swords
Merai with her swords

Merai knew this may take over her sanity again and make her berserk but she would not stop. She would never stop trying to prove herself to the people of her village who she loves very much. It was also her chance to end the life of her mortal enemy. Merai kept on fighting Waraku under the light of the blue moon.

Meanwhile, Kramleon’s soul met Eunna on his way to the underworld. The goddess greeted him and invited him in their realm. There, she admitted that even though she had left Ren’ai, she had always been watching it from her place. All that had happened to Ren’ai was her will to challenge the people and the child that she had cursed if they really deserve her enchanted shrine and bounty vineyard. She also said Kramleon still has his chance to be alive since it was only a monster born from emotions which are technically abstract caused his dead.

Therefore, Eunna bestowed Kramleon enough strength to defeat Waraku and his lord using Morgif, her pure and true Sword of Love. Morgif is one of Eunna’s eminent weapons which can slay and make an evil soul vanish to thin air. Upon receiving Eunna’s blessing and Morgif, Kramleon felt glad and satisfied realizing that their goddess had never forsaken Ren’ai.

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Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)

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