Cursed Child of Ren’ai

DSC7661LMF this is the mythology project our group came up with :3


Cursed Child






Cursed Child of Ren’ai

Conceptualized by:

Jessalyn Gale

Eimie Gonzales

 Written by:

Sayuri Megumi

 © to the owner of the illustrations used as well



The Vineyard Village



            In a certain enchanted vineyard village known as Ren’ai, people used to live in harmony and unity. All the years, no mischief disturbed the village.  Everyone lived well with each other. But despite that peaceful and joyful living, their guardians, whose sole duty was bestowed by their village’s most praised Goddess of Love Eunna, the Mitrs, used to often break the said well living at times. They usually took advantage of the humans who they’re supposed to guide and look after. Some Mitrs abused the people in all different manners. The rest of the Mitrs were really kind but not given a chance by the humans who have the thinking that all Mitrs are the same.

Mitrs are human- like creatures, though they posses ears similar to those of the imps. They manipulate emotions and use those as they’re power and force. But it’s worse when emotions end up infiltrating their conscience and the kindness left to them perish. Not just emotions but dead people’s souls which had lost their way to the underworld become the Mitrs’ energy source as well.

White Mitrs, who were literally sallow and heartless only needed human souls to survive. They were the basis of the Ren’ai belief that all Mitrs were evil. This class of Mitrs made people suffer by stealing the harvests from the vineyards. The worst thing they could do is steal souls from people, causing them death. While on the other hand, Gray Mitrs are more kind. They were gray because human emotions were also in them. These Gray Mitrs yearned to live harmoniously with the people entrusted to them. Sadly, the negative impression about all the Mitrs made the humans avoid them, treating them as how they treat the Whites.

Ren’ai folks earned their living by offering the grape harvests to Eunna’s shrine. A Priestess named Jeinne who was a child of Ren’ai and appointed by Eunna herself, used to do the rituals. The goddess would always turn the offerings to enough and necessary things her people needed. Because of this, Ren’ai people love Eunna so much. They lived their lives dedicated to her. They all believed that Eunna hold their village’s fate, as well as theirs

Chapter II :3




Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)

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