to The Heiress. ..

not yet done with make- up and hair (:


Director [Shin Oh] and I

 this guy’s our director (:

  i call him ” `nii-chan” [older brother] though oftentimes he “acts” more childish than i do -.~



  [notice what i am holding- a chibi cam! (:  ]


 we arrived earlier than the other casts and staff so yeah, we had our photos taken~~:

jess- sama, miku-chan, jin zhi and jay hansen -.~
miku-chan and i (: LoL




hoho. ..

a photo with the bamboo ^^;




Jin Zhi and Yuri
o.O cross dressing?!




he was the lead male role in our film.


a sweet and naughty guy [he described himself that way]








kath-sama, pau and mik (:



i don’t know what pau did to mik and kath-sama for them not to smile here -.~






the little girl~~;


this little girl here is [ as far as my memory recalls ] the same girl who praised me back then after the pageant i joined in for our college. .

thanks for my sponsors!!!



[there are still more photos but i don’t have a copy of them -.- ]


 we took a group photo before we leave this place and move to another for there were more scenes to be taken -.~

this project had flaws but still, we managed to finish it with LOVE ❤ 



Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)


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