last day of sem ~~;

with some of my friends (´∀`)♡


that was captured the last day of our semester (:
`twas fun with them . ..

when i went to the WC one of the fastfood chain`s staff asked if i am wearing contact lenses [i`m not..] and i asked her why. . she said my eyes are like those of a doll`s . ..
and one more weird thing that happened before that WC encounter is this guy staff who poked me and smiled nicely when i turned my face to him [ -.-? ] i feel bad `cause i don`t remember meeting him before . who is he ?? .

and really .
this time was fun (:

[on my way home as i post this -.~]


Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*)


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