A Letter From Giselle

[a poem i wrote for my former comrades in our campus publication (: the EIC when i first joined  the org used to call me Giselle, so yeah. .. the title says -.~

A Letter From Giselle

(Regal Scribe)

“Thank you” will never be enough

for your hearts which  welcomed mine.

Of your simple hugs and smiles

I felt I’m not alone and one.

No matter how cold and

introvert this lass was,

you all treated her

with patience and love.

The bond she shared

with you all, scribes,

will never cease nor

ease by time.

E’en the mentors who

let her be part

of the paper’s family

be exalted must.

This little scribble

and characters scribed,

not enough to double

you all’s pride and drive.


Author: Yuri "Yuriiiii" Bernadette

Anime and CosPlay enthusiast from Ph! ( ̄∇ ̄*) www.facebook.com/yuridette


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